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Age 13, City Heights

I’m quiet and I like to skate. I go to a big park and skate with friends. It’s fun. I also like math – I like numbers. One day, I want to work for the CIA because I’m really good with computers. I learned by myself, I taught myself how to program.

I wish my community had computer classes and computer labs. I can’t take computer classes at school and I don’t have a computer at home. Youth in my community face issues involving gangs and shootings. The problem is that youth copy the gangs. If they see someone doing something, they just copy that behavior.

I’m involved with Mid-City CAN. It’s fun. We learn about the community and we’ve helped the community by bringing things like skate parks and events. These kinds of things help kids not end up in bad situations. It’s helped me because I have somewhere to go and I spend a lot more time outside. The skate parks give kids the opportunity to get outside, have fun and meet friends. I’d like to see more things like this for youth in my community.

Youth development is important because it teaches youth about the things they need for their future.

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