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Attend the 3rd annual People Power Convention on June 9th at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College. There will be a special track for high school age youth that is designed, facilitated, and organized by youth.

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Fast facts on the South Los Angeles budget

  • The City of Los Angeles only spends $65 dollars per youth, compared to $1,871 in San Francisco – that’s 33 times more money invested in positive youth development.
  • At the same time, LA spends $30,000 on each youth arrested in the city.
  • Los Angeles’ investment in LAPD is 70 times greater than the investment made in the City’s youth development initiatives.

South Los Angeles residents support youth development

  • 97% of South Los Angeles residents agree that our dollars will go further if we spend them on more youth development.
  • 99% of South Los Angeles residents agree that we need local policymakers to approve a budget that makes youth development a top priority.
  • 8 in 10 South Los Angeles residents believe that their communities have too few youth development programs.

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