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Age 17, City Heights

I’m really kind and understanding and open. Me living with by grandparents has taught me a lot about life and how to value things and one of the things I value most is my younger brother.

Helping native cultures and reservations is my biggest dream. When I was younger, my grandpa would tell me about the reservations and I started doing research on the sacred tribes. Indigenous people are overlooked, and I want to reach out and help them.

Mid-City CAN teaches me a lot of skills that I will need sometime in my life. Youth in City Heights sometimes feel like they have nothing to do, so sometimes they make bad choices. Sports programs or afterschool programs would help them. We already have some, but a lot of the youth can’t afford it or don’t know about it. I want to bring a sports program to City Heights. We have parks here, but a lot of drug use is happening, so I’d like to see a change in that. Supporting youth development is important because we are the faces of the future. We know what’s best for us and we have to know that people are by our side. Otherwise, we’ll grow up not doing anything. But if we start young, we can grow up to be to leaders of our own non-profits in our own communities.

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