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Age 22, City Heights

I am a leader. I love community work a lot, I’ve been doing it since high school. I’m already on my fourth year of college and I’m still volunteering. I love seeing youth get involved and participate in the community like I do. I feel like I can inspire them because this is for their own future. My biggest dream is to travel all around the US and keep on doing community work, making sure that youth all around the country can learn how to make their communities better.

Mid-City CAN connects us with the resources to do community organizing and inspire other youth to help their communities. City Heights is very diverse and it’s really beautiful because it feels like a real community, not just a neighborhood that you live in. We have resources, but they’re limited. We need more investment in youth development so that more youth can join their organizations and get the training to work and improve their community.

We’ve also been pushing for a community search committee for the new police chief, so we can get someone we feel comfortable with. The next police chief should make sure that racial profiling and over-policing doesn’t happen anymore.

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