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Age 17, South LA

I want to become a politician, especially a City Councilmember because black and brown politics is important to me in changing the systems that oppresses us. I want to know what the people in my community need help with.

Safe spaces are my biggest priority, because there aren’t many in South LA.

If it hadn’t been for Community Coalition, I wouldn’t have had access to resources because my school lacks a lot of funding. They gave me the opportunity to go on an advocacy trip to Sacramento and I got a certificate from the California Senate. Their academic and wellness coordinator helped me get a scholarship for college and is helping me write my personal statement, and always checking in on my wellness.

Support youth so they’re able to succeed and make it past high school and beyond college.

We should also fund lots of different programs, not just academic ones. A lot of people focus solely on academics but it’s not for everyone. People like things in the arts too, and it’s important to have space for youth to develop their artistic skills instead of being surrounded by people telling them to just study because they won’t make money off of art.

Every youth deserves education and stable mental health – it’s what you need to live a better life.

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